Krystie Lee Yandoli is a 21-year-old, non-bike riding, feminist writer who started blogging at this site in March of 2011. Krystie debated creating this space for her and her writing alone for a very long time, and was finally persuaded by Ann Friedman’s farewell post at Feministing.com urging other young women to start writing.

Not a Barbie Girl is originally the title of her column on gender at The Daily Orange, and was then carried over to her WordPress blog. 100% credit for the column/blog title goes to Hayley Hannan, Krystie’s roommate and best friend, who came up with this name all on her own. Thanks, Hay!

Krystie’s writing has appeared in the following publications: The Greenwich Citizen, The Greenwich Post, The Daily Orange, Jerk Magazine and Blog, Her Camps.com, Fbomb.org, Girl-drive.com, Feministing.com, Chicken Soup for the Soul anthology, and The New York Post.

Similar to how “America runs on Dunkin,” Krystie runs on coffee, grilled cheese sandwiches, and feminist blogs. She ultimately hopes that people end up reading her blog, laugh a little bit, and are also inspired to write.

Adios and Godspeed!


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    […] out this article in AlterNet by Krystie Yandoli,  “Jersey Shore” — Mouthpiece for Mental Health Problems? She raises the […]

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