Women’s Sports + Lack of Coverage = espnW

1 Aug

The Obama Family watching U.S. and Japan face off on Sunday, July 17 in the Women's World Cup finals.

I wrote a piece for Women’s eNews on July 23 about the lack of women’s sports coverage in the mainstream media. As an avid sports fan and someone who takes a special interest in gender equality, some of these statistics are straight up heart-breaking. It’s really an issue of what comes first, the chicken or the egg. In order for the public to show an interest in women’s sports, does the media have to provide them with the content? Or should the content be provided after an interest is shown?

Either way, the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup broke all kinds of records of viewers watching on their TV screens, following on the Internet, and tweeting about it. It also showed that there is clearly a market for women’s sports fans.

One means of filling this void in women’s sports coverage is espnW, ESPN’s new online Website for female sports fans and athletes. I also wrote an article about espnW for Women’s eNews on July 13, noting that there are a few skeptics around this idea of almost segregating women’s and men’s sports coverage.

After following espnW for almost a month now and doing some research, I’m a huge fan of their product and think that it is definitely one of the answers to the missing coverage around women’s sports. Their general premise is too good to object: “We’ll shine a brighter spotlight on women’s sports, and put you in touch with top female athletes from across the globe.”


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