Happy Birthday Mama!

1 Apr

April 1st is a popular day to celebrate gag gifts and other jokes, all thanks to April Fool’s Day. It’s also a much more important day in my life because it’s not just about a few simple jokes. It’s my Mama’s birthday.

I wrote this article last year claiming that I should celebrate my Mom on my own birthday, seeing as she actually gave birth to me and did all of the hard work. I just had to show up and look cute (mission accomplished). In an effort to celebrate my Mama on her birthday, here is a list of things that I want her to know:

  • She’s breath-takingly beautiful. And everyone always tells me that I’m my mother’s clone, so I take this as a huge compliment.
  • She’s the most selfless person I’ve ever known, almost too selfless. My mom is constantly worrying about everyone else’s needs before her own, and obtains more compassion in her heart than one would think is possible.
  • Her strength holds my entire family together, specifically myself. She doesn’t always realize it, but my mom really is the strongest person I know and provides the stable groundwork for my life as I know it.
  • 100% of the time, she’s always right. Often, I’ll try to rebel against my mom or fight her on a certain issue, but the woman always knows best. Seriously.
  • I hope that when I become a mother, I can be just as kind, patient, and full of wisdom.
  • My mom is my ultimate mentor. While I find guidance and inspiration in other women [and men] in my life, I strive to be just like her in many ways.

The list continues, but at the end of the day I just want my mom to know that I love her more than anything and am so proud to call her my Mama. Happy Birthday, Jude! Stay classy and embrace this 47th year of your life!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mama!”

  1. Judy Yandoli April 3, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    Thank you Krystie Lee. I am honored that you love me so much. You and your
    brother and sister are my true treasures in life. There is nothing in this world
    that makes me feel complete then being your mom. I love you…Please….
    KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!! xxoo

  2. Sean April 5, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    Happy belated Birthday Mrs. Yandoli!!!

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