Goodbye, Jersdays

31 Mar

Yeah, 'cause my boyfriend throws my bed outside when he's mad at me too...

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In honor of what has now been dubbed “Jersday” by fans of MTV’s hit reality series, The Jersey Shore, I wanted to provide my final thoughts on the colossal relationship that is Ron and Sam. After sitting through three full seasons of this abusive relationship, it was painful to watch the season three finale last Thursday, and I will officially not be watching the fourth season. Nor will I write about it again.

MTV has made it clear that as a network, they obviously care more about ratings over content—that is the sole reason why The Jersey Shore continues to broadcast. But they are also responsible for relaying the message to members of their young and impressionable audience that this behavior is unacceptable. It’s never been more clear to me how harmful the cast and characters can be for young female and male viewers.

I used to find the show kind of entertaining, but it eventually turned into a dramatic scene beyond anything healthy or sane. Ron and Sam are involved in an abusive relationship and are enablers to each other. I am by no means Sammi’s biggest fan: she’s constantly yelling, controlling Ron’s friendships, and has even punched him in the face. As much as I’d love to rock her stupid boyfriend square in his dome piece in my fantasies, it was wrong of her to actually do it; she exhibits an extremely unhealthy attitude toward her significant other.

Ron, on the other hand, takes their situation to a whole other level. Not only is he a disguting human being for hooking up with multiple randos every night in Miami and finding his way into Sammi’s bed, but he went from a cute, sweet boyfriend, to a mental/emotional abuser, and then grew into a physically harmful individual all in the public eye. His physical abuse consists of pushing Sam into corners, preventing her from moving or walking with his own body, and destroying all of the personal contents in her room. The double standards he holds for her are equally astonishing: while he cheated on her throughout the entire second season and put her through intense pain and emotional confusion, she wasn’t allowed to send one text message to one boy during their break-up. It all sounds pretty muffed up to me.

"Nobody said it was easy, but it doesn't have to be this hard"

The cast members might be fist pumping their way to the bank because of their eratic behavior, but Ronnie and Sam are heading in a danerous direction as individuals, let alone as a couple. My concern is that young women will watch this relationship dynamic spiral out of control and perceive it to be normal and acceptable, and that dudes will watch Ron’s treatment towards his partner and act as if this is normal.

It is also incredibly disconcerning how Snooki is the only cast member ackowledging this abuse and takes their relationship seriously. Vinny constantly rolls his eyes at Sammi and complains of her being a trouble maker. He only places blame on the female involved, but when Ron was in Miami they all thought his treatment towards her and his general, crazy behavior was hilarious. Pauly D jokingly suggests eating popcorn to watch “the show” unfold—this show happens to be the insufferabe abuse between his roommates.

Here’s a little advice for the dysfunctional pair. Sam: girl, you were on the right track when you left Seaside to be with your fam. Get yourself together, and far away from Ron. Ron: avoid Sam at all costs, and remember that she’s not only one woman you’re hurting through your actions. You’re a reality star, bro, and that ain’t nothin’ too special.


2 Responses to “Goodbye, Jersdays”

  1. Kayla Yandoli April 5, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Thank GOD this season is over! Unfortunately they’ll be back again, only in Italia but I think we can all agree that the Sam and Ron Ron lovefest is sickening! I stopped watching it in the beginning of it’s third season… there’s only so much abuse the kiksta can handle. LOVE YOU YOU’RE AN AMAZING BLOGGER xoxoxo


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